About 5 months ago in the City of London I was haunted by an idea to change the world, and to be more precise – change the world in an industry I really love – software testing.

I think (and I hope many of you agree with me) that software testing is so much more than just finding errors or issues. It should be a long-term relationship between a product and a tester full of exploring, investigating, learning and discovery.

Now we would like to introduce you the new features we’ve added since our beta launch 3 weeks ago:

  1. Activity reflected on your profile – All activity in Testlio is now reflected on your profile. Start working making your profile more attractive to another testers. Profile activity
  2. Testlio Score – Yep, you heard right. Every action in Testlio is now rated. The more active you are, the more awesome you are. Start sharing your knowledge and remember, you are special and you are designed to do what nobody else can do.

    Testlio score points

  3. Share your testing tools – If you know any cool testing tools please share that with us or comment the available ones to create a useful library for everybody. You can also promote all the tools via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Testing tool - Testing anywhere

  4. Q&A – Ask a question or help others find answers. Promote your questions and answers to gain more followers and increase your Testlio Score.

    Question & Answers

  5. Creating teams – Create your testing teams and interact with each other easily – share photos, files or exchange messages.

    Teams conversation

If you have any wishes, let us know for sure. We will make every little wish come true 🙂 I know that many of you are waiting for how it works page – we’ll get it up to you by Thursday.

Stay tuned! More interesting features coming up soon! 🙂