I hunt for knowledge every day. I hunt for new experience every day. I want to know everything. I want to become the best in software testing industry! And the only way to get there is to start asking questions and never be afraid of failing.

What’s my story like?

Most people like to read success stories. So I’ll make sure my blog is going to be a storytelling journey. I will tell stories, honest stories, about my mistakes, failures, achievements and success. What did I learn within this week? What did I do right/wrong? How to get better? Why did such things happen? are the questions I should ask myself.

Someone said that our life is a big test itself. You have so many roads ahead of you but why did you choose the one you chose? Why did you do these things not the other things at work today? Why did you spend 20min not 30min on your assignment? In the end everything is our own choice and we create our past, present and future. As in software testing test doesn’t doesn’t become a test until someone or something takes action and the same thing happens with your life. Take action, spread your word, ask questions, learn from your mistakes and try to get better. Be sure to take risks, otherwise they turn into regrets one day.

I really liked one blog post about what test is and how does it “work” written by Testy Redhead:

Also, just because you want it to be so does not mean that software is going to test itself. There was a big battle in my mind over produces. Does it create data? Or does it produce data? Or does it discover data that is already there? Well, the action of the test produces some sort of data I believe. It may not create it, but produces to me also means presents, so it presents it somewhere else. When I am testing I am hunting data to tell me something about the software under test. What about a case where you look at the launched product, notice a button missing and did not have any input or output, but still reported a value bug? To me, this is still a test because there was an action, there was learned information and there was evaluation for the purpose of evaluating product quality.