Surya namaskara.

Make it work.

Soon after your first yoga class, the rush of endorphins and blood to your extremities creates a sense of well-being and peace, and it’s the same after testers dive into an app. With this new practice, patience is key but the benefits are almost immediate, even though they may be small. Testers find solace in leaving no stone unturned and thus, the attention to detail results in an awesomely functional app in the making.

Learn a little (or a lot) about yourself.

Curiosity. Patience. Testing.

As it is with adding any new task to your routine, learning from the mistakes and correcting them without delay is imperative. Learning a new position is the same as learning how important your app’s UI is to the success of the program. The easy way out may help you get through, but it will not help you long term. Being honest with yourself and leaving it to the professionals to guide you on this journey is mutually beneficial.

Learn about your build and it will show you the path to great success.

Think big.

When you open yourself up to a new way of living, you will realize all that you were capable from the beginning but couldn’t quite see. You may want to conduct testing on your own, but when you opt to entrust a dedicated team of professionals, you give yourself a renewed sense of your day.

Instead of focusing on what went wrong, you are able to dedicate your most productive hours to improving, increasing and converting – the lifeblood of any process.

Anxiety is bad for your skin. And your apps.

Fixing a nagging issue: who would have thought this would provide you peace of mind?

Whether it be a pestering lag or a notorious hamstring pull, dedicating one’s self to focus on resolving the apparent problem does not only give you an immediate grin, but provides you with a good night’s sleep for months to come. No one wants to wake up with to an inbox full of incident reports, so just solve the problem now and you (and your team!) will thank you later.

Strive for balance.

Juggling every role can be daunting when you are nearing that release date.

Don’t let this be you.

None of us can do it all – allow yourself to step back and find your comfort zone. Slowly, you’ll be able to push yourself to a point where you can do a one-legged Namaste in your sleep. Until then, you allow your testing yogis to show you the way to achieve your ultimate goal and give yourself the chance to concentrate on your UI environment.

Consistency is key.

Lending your app to a steady diet of testing will ensure not only your confidence, but also the confidence of your users.

Nothing is worse than a crash when all you were trying to do was a simple downward dog. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Consistency of practice and absolute focus results in relaxation. The more consistent your exercises are, the healthier you feel; the more consistent the usability of your app is, the more users rely on its platform. In the end, you have an obvious result: the more reliability, the more popularity, the more rave reviews on the app store.

Imagine waking up on the morning of your launch and feeling confident. Why? Because you allowed for constant QA. Just like that, yoga adds meditation, relaxation and productivity to your daily routine.

Exploring yourself and your app are key to progression.

Don’t worry about how confident the other guys are in their ways, quality is your best friend and assuring this will amount to not only a happy audience and keen investors, but also inner peace.