From using the Testlio Mind Map to grasping the client’s perspective, I have 11 smart tips for my fellow Testlions:


Only accept to be included in a project if you think you can give 100% to a test cycle. If not, decline as early as possible so that the Test Lead can replace you in time.


Don’t test in a hurry or procrastinate. Always start the project early.


Participate in team discussions. Read the comments in the bug reports, as there can be some valuable information on logic. Be honest and respect your fellow testers.


Think positively, because positive case bugs are more valuable to the client than negative ones. For example…Positive case: you can’t login with valid email and password. Negative case: there is no error if you enter an invalid email but the login is prevented. The client will value the first one and fix it on an urgent basis.


Try to find the root cause of any issue. Learn to analyze logs or old issues.


The Testlio Mind Map can be immensely helpful for Testlions, guiding our testing sessions, and answering our questions as we work. I recommend that all of my fellow testers print it out and hang it over their work station.


Make work simpler for others. Don’t leave holes in your reporting that force others to come back to you for further query.


Don’t give up; there is no bug free product in this world.


Ask questions, but search all possible sources before asking in the project chat. A dumb question gives the wrong signal to the client about our community.


Search for both open and closed issues, because most of the time, you can find a closed issue that has cause-and-effect information for a related bug.


Don’t keep test data on a shared account. Keep things clean for others.


As testers, these tips can help us improve the quality of our work, serve the client better and make the testing experience more enjoyable for one another.


This post by Azad Husen is part of a new series written by our community of testers.

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